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 Remembering Flags


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Remembering Flags are made for Gold Star Families in Memory of their Fallen Heroes.  Thank you for sharing your precious photos and information with me.  Your Patriotic Remembering Flag can be displayed outside or inside. The patriotic garden flags I use are made by Custom Décor, Inc, in Dover, DE.

I created a folder on my Facebook Page: of the Remembering Flags made for Gold Star Moms to Communicate, Share, Honor and Remember their sons and daughters.  Here is a link to  Remembering Flag Photo Album

“LIKE” me on for updates, where I add Remembering Flags to the Remembering Flag Photo Album set up to communicate, share, Honor and Remember our Fallen Heroes.

I have an Etsy Shop where I sell products with “Photos on Fabric” and always offer a military discount. Additional flags can be purchased, but I will continue to make a Remembering Flag for Gold Star Moms free of charge.  

As a Blue Star Mom of a Navy son and Coast Guard daughter-in-law, and wife of a retired Naval Aviator, this is my way to provide some comfort to Gold Star Moms. The day after they were married, my son deployed to Iraq with his Navy Prowler Squadron and his wife deployed to South America with the Coast Guard.  I helped them stay connected while he flew jets to Iraq and she was underway until he made it to Iraq. While flying a late night mission over Baghdad in 2007, my son took the background photo of a sunrise, used in the collages.  He is now with a Carrier Air Wing deployed overseas.

In Bob & Lee Woodruff’s book, In An Instant, Lee described how much her children’s’ visits helped Bob to recover and Lee and I often discuss this bond.  The strong bond you feel with your son is why I want to make my Remembering Flags for you.

I have met each Gold Star Mom through my Remembering Quilts Facebook friends or through American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., if you feel the urge to make a donation to a worthy cause I suggest donations to either or, two Veteran assistance groups I strongly support,

I hope you enjoy our Remembering Flag Photo Album, I will add to the album as Remembering Flags are completed and permission is given to post the Remembering Flags.   Helen Phillips

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