REMEMBERING QUILTS, FLAGS, PILLOWS & More                       Capturing Memories On Fabric With Your Photos & Text 

        Photo Quilts

 Stimulating Memories of a Loved One

The Remembering Quilt may be made to fit nicely around the family member while seated or in a wheel chair or can be smaller if desired. The idea of a quilt of pictures stems from the quilt providing warmth and comfort to the family member. Cold extremities are common among the healthiest of seniors or people suffering from illness or injuries, the result of a natural reduction in circulation. 

Honor the Memory of a Loved One with a  
Life of Pictures
8 Fabric Panels:  $280 



Do you have a loved one who has passed that you would like to remember?  Here are ideas on how you can incorporate your loved ones memorabilia into a quilt to wrap yourself and keep yourself warm with memories. 



Comfort the Sick, Ease the Loneliness

I made a Remembering Quilt for a friend who was going through chemotherapy, I found she was having short term memory loss during some of her treatments.  

She passed away with her granddaughter having the quilt now. I gathered all the pictures from Facebook because she would post pictures of importance to her before she became too ill. I kept in mind that she asked me if the quilt could be given to her grand daughter so she wouldn't be forgotten.  I was able to put several pictures of my friend and her grand daughter together. 

Use as a Tool When Working With Veterans Suffering from PTSD & TBI


I will continue to help our wounded military who benefit from  Remembering Quilts with labeled pictures. Making   

Remembering  Quilts for wounded military suffering from a TBI allows me to work directly with the families to choose pictures, the layout and names of the people, places and items to help jog their memory. 


8 Fabric Panels: $280   SHOP

Comfort Military Families during Deployment, Especially the Children

Celebrate the Legacy of Someone Special

I presented Regis with a RememberingQuilt to celebrate his Legacy on October 4, 2011. 

Click here: Regis Philbin RememberingQuilt 

I gathered pictures from Facebook, do you have a LEGACY you would like to CELEBRATE?

A RememberingQuilt is a Unique Opportunity to Comfort Someone Special

Each conversation with a family member or care giver, each and every mention of the Remembering Quilt's Content becomes a unique opportunity to stimulate the loved one's memory and the remembering by directing their attention to one of the photos, identifying the picture and asking a question about it.

       10 FabricPanels: $325   SHOP

Buttons, pins, tie tacks, brooches, etc. can be attached after the quilt is made.

To make your RememberingQuilt extra special to you you can include pictures, diplomas, wedding certificates, military memorabilia amongst other treasured items to create your photo collages.  Buttons, pins, tie tacks, brooches, etc. can be attached after the quilt is made.

I can’t help but believe my time with my mom would have greatly benefitted from such a quilt concept to stimulate remembering.

I believe Remembering Quilts has the potential for helping families with returning wounded warriors with severe traumatic head injuries and people undergoing cancer treatment. 

The Patriotic Remembering Quilt I displayed on my Home Page does not have the real names, using Photoshop I changed the names for privacy.  I designed this Remembering Quilt with smaller pieces of patriotic material and  experimented with the font size so I could add more description to the pictures of people and places.

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