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A Wonderful Way to Use Cherished Photos and Text to Tell a Story, Stimulate Memories, Celebrate a Legacy, Honor a Memory, Comfort the Sick

Include a Premium Pillow Form 12"x16"

... Additional sizes are available

... The theme of Remembering Quilts is to tell a story using photos for a specific purpose identified by the customer.  The emphasis in the assistance provided by Remembering Quilts is in sequencing the personal photos in telling the unique story and by creating a series of photo collages in lieu of individual pictures. Labeling the pictures within each collage or adding names, mementoes, or labels to place further emphasis on the story or purpose where needed is a part of a personal choice and the design service offered.  

... Send me 2 to 8  photos you would like to use and I will work with you to create a unique photo collage pillow that someone special would be proud to display

... Tell me your color preference and I will work with you to create the Perfect Photo Pillow

.... The pillow case is 100% cotton fabric and is made to fit a 12in x 16in pillow 

... For someone who responds to Sensory Stimulation, flannel can be added to the inside fold of the pillow case to add a huggable softness and warmth 

.... Photos are printed on "Printed Treasures" Pretreated Photo Fabric, using Pigmented Ink, making the pillow case washable.

... You can email the pictures to Helen @  or mail directly to me to be scanned and returned

... Pictures can be changed before the final fabric printing

... Please contact me by email: Helen @ or phone: 301-704-1479 for further instructions

You can bring important events & experiences from the past into the present

(Q) What pictures should I include in the fabric collage panel?

1) Pictures of your recipient when he/she was younger & older


2) Pictures of special people in their lives 

3) Pictures of family, friends, pets, houses, cars, boats, employment, colleagues, hobbies, other loved ones, places, etc. 

4) Words to favorite quotes, songs, letters

I can guide you through the process with emails and/or phone if you would like if you would like to send me the digital and/or scanned pictures

(Q) How should I organize the photos for each fabric collage panel?

1) Look at the sample quilts and collages for ideas on Facebook: RememberingQuilts and Etsy: RememberingQuilts

2) Each 8.5” by 11” panel has a print area of 8" x 10.5" and have 1 to 8 pictures

3) Picture with several people can be paired with pictures having less

4) Each collage panel often contains pictures connected in some way

5) All people in the pictures can be labeled with their names, your choice

6) Number panels and identify which photos you would like for each

7) Name all people in photos in the order they appear. Do not write on the photos 

You can email the pictures to Helen @ and grouped together for each Fabric Collage Panel

If you prefer that I scan your pictures I will give you my mailing address

Helen @ 

For further information: 


FACEBOOK: RememberingQuilts       

WEBSITE: Remembering Quilts       

SHOP ETSY: RememberingQuilts

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