Photo Collage Fabric Panels
with your Photos, Scanned Images and Text on "Printed Treasures" Pretreated Fabric Sheets

Make your own special one-of-a-kind gift    

... The theme of Remembering Quilts is to tell a story using photos for a specific purpose identified by the customer.  The emphasis in the assistance provided by Remembering Quilts is in sequencing the personal photos in telling the unique story and by creating a series of photo collages in lieu of individual pictures. Labeling the pictures within each collage or adding names, mementoes, or labels to place further emphasis on the story or purpose where needed is a part of a personal choice and the design service offered.  

... You can order your own Photo Collages printed on Pretreated Washable Fabric Sheets, using Pigmented Ink, for your Quilts, Pillows, Totes and many other Craft Projects

... Your Photo Collages can be Quilted, Appliqued, Pieced, Ironed and Washed just like any other 100% Cotton Fabric

            REMEMBERING QUILTS, FLAGS, PILLOWS & More                       Capturing Memories On Fabric With Your Photos & Text 

  Photo Fabric Panels

View the Regis Remembering Quilts below  for examples of Photo Fabric Panels
Make your own special one-of-a-kind gift 
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