REMEMBERING QUILTS, FLAGS, PILLOWS & More                       Capturing Memories On Fabric With Your Photos & Text 


... The theme of Remembering Quilts is to tell a story using photos for a specific purpose identified by the customer. The emphasis in the assistance provided by Remembering Quilts is in sequencing the personal photos in telling the unique story and by creating a series of photo collages in lieu of individual pictures. Labeling the pictures within each collage or adding names, mementoes, or labels to place further emphasis on the story or purpose where needed is a part of a personal choice and the design service offered.  

Questions to help in your photo selection for the Remembering

Quilt, Pillow or your own Fabric Panels

(Q) What pictures do you think the recipient would enjoy?       

Maybe the recipient can be part of the picture selection. You can bring important events and experiences from their past into the present.

1) Pictures of recipient when they were younger and older

2) Pictures of special people in their lives when they were younger and older

3) Pictures of family, friends, pets, houses, cars, boats, employment, colleagues, hobbies, other loved ones, places, etc. 

(Q)  How should I organize the photos for each fabric collage panel?

Photos labeled with names trigger the memories and facilitate interaction with caregivers to encourage memory-stimulating communication.

1) Look at the sample quilts, pilows and collages for ideas. 
I will guide you through the process.

2) Each 8.5" x 11" Fabric Panel has an 8” x 10.5” print area. Each panel can have 1 to 8 pictures.  Create a theme for each panel.

3) Picture with several people can be paired with pictures having less.

4) Each panel should contain pictures connected in some way.

5) All people and places in the pictures can be labeled with their names.

6) How many fabric photo panels? Can change # of panels while working on photos.

7) Name panels as folders and identify which photos you would like in each panel.            

8) Name all people in photos in the order they appear if you would like to identify them on the fabric panel.  You may add additional text such as quotes or verses.

(Q)  How should you send the photos to me?

1) Photos can be emailed in JPG format

2) Photos can be copied onto a disc or flash drive and mailed. 

3) Photos can be downloaded from Facebook, Shutterfly, etc.

4) I can scan your photos for you if you live in the Monmouth County NJ area.

5) Photos can be mailed. Place the photographs in envelopes taking care to protect them between sheets of rigid cardboard to prevent any damage. You may even wish to place them in a zip-lock bag with a piece of paper separating individual photographs.  Write "DO NOT BEND, Photographs Inside" on the outside of the shipping container. It is always best to use a reputable carrier that can track their shipments, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and/or USPS Certified Mail. That will enable you to keep track of where your photos are at any given time.

I am not responsible for lost or stolen photographs enroute to or from the studio.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to obtain approval from commercial studios or any other individuals who may own the rights to the submitted photograph 

(Q)  How do I select fabric for the quilt?

I will email you scanned samples of fabric selection based on your color preference. I will contact you to discuss your choice of accent colors and keep in touch with you with emails and photos showing the status of your quilt.

(Q) How do I order a quilt?

1) Go to my ETSY SHOP

2) Contact me to set up an order or for additional information on size, number of panels, and fabric colors 

Phone: 732-796-5950

Custom Photo Memory Lap Quilts

Your pictures, labeled for people and places, printed onto fabric panels, sewn into a 

Remembering Quilt.

COST:  Click each listing below to SHOP

$36    12" x 18" Remembering Flag Honor a Fallen Hero "SHOP"
$36    12" x 18" Festive Garden Flags - up to 8 photos "SHOP"

$28   Duplicate Remembering Flag - Original Collage"SHOP"

$325   36" x 48" Lap Quilt with 10 Fabric Photo Panels "SHOP" 

Scanned Images and Text are Printed on 
"Printed Treasures" Pretreated Fabric Sheets

In addition to the photos, it may be advantageous to incorporate within the non-photo area the therapeutic aspects of a "fidget quilt." A fidget quilt is particularly useful for Alzheimer's patients who exhibit greater nervous tension in their hands. The quilt can be adorned with a variety of buttons and textured  cotton chenille and faux fur fabric to provide hours of tactile sensory stimulation while adding the natural comfort that comes from a good quality flannel backing. 

Let me know your color preference.  

I will work with you on fabric color choices.

 Quilts, Pillows and Photo Fabric Panels are Machine Washable

Quilts are made using 100% prewashed quality cotton fabrics, Warm & Natural batting, Quilter’s flannel backing so it does not slide off the lap, and 100% pima cotton fabric sheets with pigment ink.

Caring for your Remembering Quilt

The Remembering Quilts can be machine washed which is generally required if in an assisted care facility. The actual photos and the labeling of the people in the photos are provided by the customer. Each quilt is personalized by its unique family photos. It is the conversation about the photo that stimulates the memory and enhances its effectiveness. I print the photos and their labeling into the fabric of the quilt.

I placed my information in an Etsy store also, so I can share my Remembering Quilts story and what is needed to create a quilt.  Several articles have strongly suggested memory stimulation or exercising the memory can assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and TBI. This memory stimulation by a quilt is also described within my Remembering Quilts 

Reminiscence therapy is memory stimulation using photographs from the past to reminisce and from the present to help the recipient relate in their current situation. Memory stimulation is simply providing external artifacts, which could have helped to trigger the memory of my Mom. I chose “Remembering Quilts” because to me it is a blend of the best technology has to offer today with the traditional warmth and caring of a family quilt.

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